The Cherry Blossom Trail - Grainger TV

The Cherry Blossom Trail

Follows a revered time of Oriental beauty in Japan known as Hanami: that time when the fruit trees come into bloom.

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The Kingdom of Brunei - Grainger TV

The Kingdom of Brunei

Tells how this country was transformed from third world to first world status in just three decades. The Sultan.

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The Last Warrior - Grainger TV

The Last Warrior

Fascinating primitive customs still being practised by remote tribes around the world.

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Towards the Golden Triangle - Grainger TV

Towards the Golden Triangle

An amazing journey from Singapore to the Golden Triangle. Ring necked women, Royal celebrations, Cobra kissing thrill seekers.

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Magic Harbour - Grainger TV

Magic Harbour

Encapsulates all of the beauty, characters, attractions and major events of Sydney Harbour. Greg Grainger traces a day in the life of the Harbour, from fishermen to sea pilots boarding incoming ships in mountainous seas.

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The Marvels of Madagascar - Grainger TV

The Marvels of Madagascar

Features the unique animals - such as lemurs and chameleons - which have evolved in the Garden of Eden that is Madagascar.

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Mexico - Maya to Mariachis - Grainger TV

Mexico - Maya to Mariachis

All of the vibrancy and passion of Mexico, in a journey from the Pacific Coast to the Caribbean Sea. Bull fights, ballet, Mayan Pyramids.

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Mysteries of the Mekong - Grainger TV

Mysteries of the Mekong

Documents a trip down the Mekong River, through the heart of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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Outrageous - Grainger TV


Features characters who are way-over-the-top.

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Paradises of the Pacific - Grainger TV

Paradises of the Pacific

The ultimate escapes in Pacific Islands such as Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia.

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The Passion of Spain - Grainger TV

The Passion of Spain

The world's most sociable people celebrate in spectacular fairs and parades.

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Polynesian Paradises - Grainger TV

Polynesian Paradises

The islands of French Polynesia are just as seductive as back in 1788 when the crew of the Bounty mutinied after a teenage Tahitian beauty swam to the ship and slipped out of her clothes.

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Siberia to the Silk Road - Grainger TV

Siberia to the Silk Road

An odyssey through Siberia and Central Asia. The Great Silk Road, the Trans Siberian express.

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Southern Belle - Olympic Territory - Grainger TV

Southern Belle - Olympic Territory

The distinctive way of life in the Southern USA. Paddle Steamers, New Orleans, the hills of Tennessee.

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Sunrise over South Africa - Grainger TV

Sunrise over South Africa

The treasures and truths of a South Africa seldom seen, as Apartheid is dismantled.

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Sydney's Sizzling Harbour - Grainger TV

Sydney's Sizzling Harbour

An insider's look at one of the world's most famous waterways and the two landmarks that are its heart.

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Tantalising Tahiti - Grainger TV

Tantalising Tahiti

Features the exotic characters and attractions of French Polynesia.

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Travel Fantasy - Grainger TV

Travel Fantasy

Ultimate round-world trip, from Venice in a gondola, to the Pacific on a luxury super-yacht.

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Yangzte to Shangri-la - Grainger TV

Yangzte to Shangri-la

Explore China in the new millenium, sailing from bustling Shanghai, up the Yangzte River, in search of the mythical kingdom of Shangri-la.

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