The Kingdom of Brunei

The story of a most remarkable country

THE KINGDOM OF BRUNEI documents the story of a most remarkable country, its Sultan and its people. The oil-rich kingdom of Brunei is one of the world's smallest, richest and yet most benevolent countries, having been transformed from third world to first world status in just three decades.

This programme shows how Brunei is developing at a phenomenal rate. An abundance of oil is benefiting all who are fortunate enough to live here, and yet the Brunei planners are smart enough to be developing this tiny but rich kingdom in a multitude of other ways.

The documentary shows how residents pay no income taxes and receive untold benefits such as interest-free loans, free satellite television and a Disneyland-style theme park that charges no admission.

Culturally, the programme covers a muslim wedding in this predominantly Islamic country, looks at life in the world's largest stilt village, and takes in rare scenes from the jungle-dwelling Iban tribe. The Muslim observance of Ramadan is observed as is the country's celebration of Hari Raya.

Rare glimpses of the Sultan allow viewers to visit his Palace, attend his 50th birthday celebrations and witness his most generous gestures with the people of Brunei.

The programme traces phenomenal development in all areas, from the oil and gas rigs which pump out millions of dollars worth of supplies every day, to new housing, highway and construction schemes.

Highlight is The Royal Family, with State Banquets and a Silver Jubilee.