Polynesian Paradises

The islands of French Polynesia

Greg Grainger shows us that the islands of French Polynesia are just as seductive as back in 1788 when the crew of the Bounty mutinied after a teenage Tahitian beauty swam to the ship and slipped out of her clothes.

His modern-day journey begins by sailing around the rugged and isolated Marquesas Islands, the northern most group of what have been described as the most exotic islands in the world, French Polynesia.

Greg explores seven different islands, travelling south from the Marquesas to the Tuamotos, and then on to the Society islands of Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti.

His adventures include:

* swimming with hundreds of baby sharks in the brilliant blue lagoons of Rangiroa,
* sharing a day with Marlon Brando┬╣s son Tehotu on their family paradise of Tetiaroa
* joining the divers of Manihi, where conditions are perfect for cultivating magnificent black pearls
* observing a strong cultural revival underway, such as the art of the tatoo.
* encountering over-friendly sting rays that slide all over him
* discovering the art of dancing Tahitian-style
* travelling with the modern-day warriors of the Marquesas.