Towards the Golden Triangle

An amazing journey from Singapore to the Golden Triangle

An amazing journey from Singapore to the Golden Triangle, in an adventure which begins on the Eastern and Oriental Express and ends on a bamboo river barge.

Highlights include:

* The ring-necked Karens. Adorned with golden rings around their necks, wrists and ankles, the women of this colourful tribe go about their daily lives.
* Royal Celebrations: Thailand celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the King's reign with a procession of intricately carved historical barges through the heart of Bangkok.
* The cobra kissing thrill-seeker. Bitten and almost killed by the bite of a cobra, this snake charmer still mesmerises deadly cobras in a ritual which culminates in him kissing the snake.
* The endangered gibbons of Phang Nga Bay. Known as singing apes, these gibbons are being re-introduced into areas where their species had been killed off.
* Loy Krathong: Thousands of candle boats floated out across the waters of the former capital of Sukothai, under the light of a full moon.
* Monkey Banquet of Lop Buri + The coconut-collecting monkeys of Surit Thani.
* Chiang Mai: Colourful hill-tribes, traditional weddings, elephants + their mahouts.
* Crocodile wrestling. Keeper places his head in the mouth of an angry crocodile.
* Thai boxing, Bangkok's weekend animal markets, the Rama 5 cult, travelling the Death Railway, the highlights of Singapore including Chinese Opera and Indian festivals.