Tantalising Tahiti

Featuring the exotic characters and attractions of French Polynesia

TANTALIZING TAHITI is a one-hour special, featuring the exotic characters and attractions of French Polynesia.

Reigning MISS TAHITI, Ravanui, undertakes a promotional video shoot around the island of Tahiti, feeding eels, modelling under waterfalls, and exploring tree-house resorts.

On the island of Bora Bora, Island strongman Patrick Tairua takes visitors on an up-close-and-personal swim with a giant moray eel, and a big school of sting-rays.

Marlon Brando's Tahitian son Tehotu is our personal guide on Brando's island of Tetiaroa, showing the biggest bird colony in Polynesia.

Tracey Tauira shows off the remote and rugged Marquesas Islands, where the culture of warriors is very much alive and thriving, and where heavily tattooed men undertake primitive dances before hunting wild pigs.

Dino Dexter - the son of Hollywood's Tahitian star Coco Dexter and named after singer Dean Martin - is the first-ever Mister Tahiti. He shows off the island of Moorea, swims with dolphins, and sings with a massed church choir.

Canadian Peter Ringland - who sailed into French Polynesia on a holiday and never left - is the pearl king on the island of Manihi, showing the art of cultivating and harvesting black pearls.

French diving instructor Yves Lefeyre takes us below water for arguably the best dive in the world on the atoll of Rangiroa, where schools of manta rays and sharks abound. Local Ugo Angeli then takes us to shark city, where hundreds of baby sharks congregate.

TANTALIZING TAHITI also shows off the world's most luxurious resort, the Hotel Bora Bora and finishes with preparations for the annual Heiva Festival, including massed canoe races and sensual dance training.