Extreme Encounters in Travel - Grainger TV

Extreme Encounters in Travel

Australian documentary maker Greg Grainger has had some fascinating encounters in his filming career... face-to-face meetings with cannibals in Irian Jaya, sky burials in Tibet, collapsing glaciers in South America.

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Across the Sea of Galilee - Grainger TV

Across the Sea of Galilee

A stirring film of peace and hope, timed to co-incide with real peace in the Middle East.

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Across the Soviet Union - Grainger TV

Across the Soviet Union

From St Petersburg to Moscow, a post-Glasnost study of the Russian people.

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Africa Alive - Grainger TV

Africa Alive

A dhow trip down the bandit coastline of Kenya, the Lunatic Express, the Masai.

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Tiger! Tiger! A Korean Odyssey - Grainger TV

Tiger! Tiger! A Korean Odyssey

An upbeat topical travelogue through South Korea.

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Along the Andes - Grainger TV

Along the Andes

Captures the essence of the Cordillera de los Andes, and the vibrant cultures that thrive in its shadows.

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Blue Mountains Magic - Grainger TV

Blue Mountains Magic

The very best of the Blue Mountains, capturing all the untouched old world charm of these spectacular mountains.

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Cambodia : Fields of Hope - Grainger TV

Cambodia : Fields of Hope

An optimistic look at how Cambodian people have survived Pol Pot's policies of genocide.

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Canada Wild - Grainger TV

Canada Wild

Features 4 Canadian wilderness regions and wildlife. Polar bears, throat singers, the Rocky Mountains.

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The Charm of Britain - Grainger TV

The Charm of Britain

The grandeur of Britain, in the 1990s, during a period of transition. The Royal Family, a Beatles revival group, enchanting villages, thrilling air shows./p> Read Full Story

Danube Interlude - Grainger TV

Danube Interlude

Trip through Hungary, witnessing the breakdown of communism. Trip through Hungary, the spectacular of Budapest, violin playing musicians, magnificent Lippizan horses.

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France : Soaring with the Senses - Grainger TV

France : Soaring with the Senses

Classic adventure through modern France. Great characters, food, festivities. Hot Air Ballon trip across the chateaux of the Loire Valley, Bastille Day celebrations.

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Great Characters of Queensland - Grainger TV

Great Characters of Queensland

Eccentric and colourful personalities, as they indulge in their own adventures. Great Barrier Reef, outback rodeo, Daintree Rainforest.

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Heavenly Hawaii - Grainger TV

Heavenly Hawaii

Discover the mystery and allure of the islands of Hawaii in an expedition that embraces both culture and adventure.

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Highlands Charm - Grainger TV

Highlands Charm

All of the beauty and characters of the Southern Highlands, south-west of Sydney. From the running of the Bong Bong Cup, to the spectacle of the Tulip Festival in Bowral.

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Hilarious Aussie Nights - Grainger TV

Hilarious Aussie Nights

A fast moving look at what many Australians get up to when the sun goes down and the lights go on.

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Hunter Magic - Grainger TV

Hunter Magic

The great characters, scenery and events of the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. Highlights include Jazz festivals, hot air ballooning, high action rodeos and a flight by vintage Tiger Moth.

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Kiwi Magic - Grainger TV

Kiwi Magic

Captures the scenic beauty, rich culture, quaint characters and high adventures of New Zealand.

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Images of Italy - Grainger TV

Images of Italy

A very stylish portrayal of a very stylish country. Venice, Rome, Milan, the Pope.

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In the Wake of the Vikings - Grainger TV

In the Wake of the Vikings

IN THE WAKE OF THE VIKINGS documents a modern day adventure in the same waters sailed by the great Viking explorers, Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson, in Greenland and Iceland a thousand years ago.

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