Tiger! Tiger! A Korean Odyssey

An upbeat topical travelogue through South Korea

An upbeat topical travelogue through South Korea. The delightful Miss Yoon Jeung Kim shows many aspects of this ancient culture, with a trip right around the Korean peninsula:

* The women divers of Chejdo: Thousands of women - all clad in black diving suits - spend hours every day diving for seafood.
* The honeymoon island: Dressed in highly decorative costumes, couples from all over Korea fly into this island for a traditional wedding ceremony and honeymoon.
* Echo Mountain: Hundreds of Koreans yelling at the top of their lungs from the top of a mountain.
* Modern Technology: The world's most futuristic Expo, with thrilling simulated trips into space. The daunting technology of the Hyundai assembly line. The gigantic covered theme park Lotte World.
* Traditional village life: The golden beauty of the Korean countryside in autumn. Rice being cut and rake-dried on bitumen roads, potters' villages, the Royal Tombs and Buddhist temples. Spectacular Farmers dances. The rare Asian tiger.
* Seoul: The breathtaking former royal residence KYONGBOK PALACE.
* Taekwondo: Hundreds of white-coated youngsters practice this ancient martial art.
* Re-unification: Visit a border station overlooking the alienated North and share the deep emotion of South Koreans yearning for re-unification.