Wildest Asia

The many exotic and elusive creatures of ASIA

The many exotic and elusive creatures of ASIA in action sequences. From tigers on the prowl in Central India, and endangered pandas feeding in the Wolong Reserve in Western China, to macaques bathing in the snow in the hot springs of Japan, and families of orangutans at play in Sumatra.

This stunning programme shows both the amazing wealth of wildlife that inhabits Asia, and the very real threat to their future survival. Countries and animals featured include:

INDIA: Tigers

THAILAND: Indian elephants
Lar Gibbons
Fishing Cats

JAPAN: Macaques

Red Pandas

INDONESIA: Komodo Dragons

SUMATRA: Orangutans

JAVA: White Rhinoceros

Proboscis Monkeys

This programme gives a deep insight into these and many other species of animals and birds endemic to Asia and the many very real threats to their survival.