Danger Down Under

The deadliest creatures on earth

DANGER DOWN-UNDER features characters across Australia who've developed very special relationships with the deadliest creatures on earth.

Doctor Adam Britton wrestles giant salt-water crocodiles every day for a living in the Top End of Australia. This special features amazing underwater scenes as he swims with a killer croc, then places his hand right down its throat to retrieve a shoe.

Diver Rodney Fox not only survived a frenzied attack from a Great White Shark off the Great Australian Bight, but has gone on to lead diving trips with the very creatures that almost killed him. In DANGER DOWN-UNDER, our cameras accompany Fox on one of his shark finding expeditions, capturing chilling images of a white pointer repeatedly savaging a tuna carcass.

Spidergirl Jacqui Adams-Maher collects and milks deadly spiders every day on Australia's East Coast. Giant funnel-web spiders pounce repeatedly as Jacqui collects them from terrified residents.

Snake-lover John Weigal specialises in such deadly Australian creatures as tiger and brown snakes. We watch him track them down in thick grass and waterholes, capturing them to milk for anti-venene.

Thrilling images, deadly creatures, risk-taking characters.

It's all part of DANGER DOWN UNDER.