Wildest Antarctica - Grainger TV

Wildest Antarctica

The stunning, awesome, majestic, chilling beauty and grandeur of the Antarctic and its wild creatures, all in dramatic action sequences.

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Wildest Africa - Grainger TV

Wildest Arctic

Documents the phenomenal beauty and outstanding wildlife of the Arctic. Our camera crews document all of the seasons, showing this world's harsh extremes.

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Wildest Asia - Grainger TV

Wildest Asia

The many exotic and elusive creatures of Asia in action sequences, including tigers, endangered pandas, macaques and families of orangutans.

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Wildest Australia - Grainger TV

Wildest Australia

The essence of the Australian wilderness and its unique array of fascinating creatures. Koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles.

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Wildest Islands of Australia - Grainger TV

Wildest Islands of Australia

Shows the enormous diversity of both plants and wildlife, in the islands surrounding Australia.

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Wildest South America - Grainger TV

Wildest South America

Action aplenty with many exotic and elusive creatures of South America. Jaguars, Anacondas.

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Wingbeats to the Amazon - Grainger TV

Wingbeats to the Amazon

Captures the more colourful, majestic and bizarre of South America's birds.

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Working with Wild Animals - Grainger TV

Working with Wild Animals

Shows the tender rapport - and high danger - that exists between wild animals and their keepers in public exhibitions.

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Yindi - The Last Koala - Grainger TV

Yindi - The Last Koala

The life of a most extraordinary koala, Yindi. With superb shots of koalas in all their moods, the film traces the national plight of the koala.

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