On Thin Ice - Grainger TV

On Thin Ice

With predictions of polar bears being extinct in 50 years, On Thin Ice follows bears as they emerge from their dens and navigate their rapidly changing environment.

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Australia's Deadliest Destinations - Grainger TV

Australia's Deadliest Destinations

Killer creatures, hostile landscapes, death defying characters.

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Animal Cunning - Grainger TV

Animal Cunning

A stimulating insight into animal intelligence. Demonstrates just how smart pets and wild animals really are.

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The Greatest Reef - Grainger TV

The Greatest Reef

Commissioned by Network Ten Australia, this doco features the brilliance of the Reef and its stunning creatures.

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Australia's Terrifying Top 20 - Grainger TV

Australia's Terrifying Top 20

Australia is a land of menacing contrasts. Small animals possess large venom yields, and harsh creatures stalk tranquil environments. Even often docile creatures turn in a split second when threatened.

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Australia's Backyard Killers - Grainger TV

Australia's Backyard Killers

Lurking in backyards across Australia are a range of creatures that could kill.... from deadly snakes and spiders to bees and even crocodiles that manage to invade some properties.

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Beware the Ice Bear - Grainger TV

Beware the Ice Bear

Powerful images of bears hunting and playing deep in the Arctic Circle...all set to scenes of splendour.

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Classic Everest - Grainger TV

Cutest Kittens

Cutest Kittens will be a joyous celebration of kittens of every conceivable kind, from those that swim to the pampered pussies being groomed for TV advertisements and movies.

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Danger Down Under - Grainger TV

Danger Down Under

Features characters across Australia who've developed very special relationships with the deadliest creatures on earth.

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Guardians of the Wild - Grainger TV

Guardians of the Wild

Characters from around the globe who have a special rapport with endangered species of wildlife.

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Fabulous Foals - Grainger TV

Fabulous Foals

Fabulous Foals takes us around the globe to discover the many beautiful breeds of horse, from the smallest to the tallest; from hard-working heavy horses to the majestic Spanish dancing horses.

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Jarunee, The Singing Ape - Grainger TV

Jarunee, The Singing Ape

The life of an amazing gibbon known as Jarunee...as this adorable creature struggles to survive.

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Lords of the Wild - Grainger TV

Lords of the Wild

Features every species of bears around the world, and their fight for survival.

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Love in the Wild - Grainger TV

Love in the Wild

A love story with a difference...the players wild animals, displaying the tenderest scenes of love and affection.

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Miracles from the Wildside - Grainger TV

Miracles from the Wildside

Miracles from the Wildside is an endearing, heart-warming documentary about the special relationship between disabled people and animals.

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Precious Puppies - Grainger TV

Precious Puppies

Precious Puppies will be a joyous celebration of puppies of every conceivable kind, from those that swim to the pampered puppies being groomed for TV advertisements and movies.

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Search for the Shark Callers - Grainger TV

Search for the Shark Callers

Features the dying art of summoning sharks, a tradition still being practised in the Solomon Islands.

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The Beast Within - Living with Wild Animals - Grainger TV

The Beast Within - Living with Wild Animals

Follows colourful individuals around the world who live with animals normally considered wild and dangerous.

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Taming the Tigers - Grainger TV

Taming the Tigers

A gripping one-hour documentary showing the unique relationship between trainers and tigers in captivity.

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Wildest Africa - Grainger TV

Wildest Africa

Roam Africa: from big cats, elephants and giraffes, to highly endangered species such as the black rhinoceros and wild dog.

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