Caribbean Blue

This captivating one-hour documentary shows a classic sailing adventure around the Caribbean

This captivating one-hour documentary shows a classic sailing adventure around the Caribbean. Producer/presenter GREG GRAINGER sails on a luxury super yacht, experiencing a rich and vibrant culture onshore. The yacht sails from the British Virgin Islands down through exotic destinations such as St Barts and Antigua, Dominica and St Lucia, before reaching the Tobago Cays. Highlights include festivals, parades, and calypso singers motivating all in their path to sing and dance in the streets.

Throughout CARIBBEAN BLUE, the beauty of the four-masted barquentine ship features, with passengers hauling ropes, and experiencing the excitment of sailing the Caribbean.

In the British Virgin Islands, there’s an Easter Festival. There’s also the experience of diving amidst giant barracuda and Hawksbill Turtles.

On the very French, very chic island of Saint Barts, witness dramatic footage of planes having to contend with surely what must be the world’s trickiest airport. Here, the programme documents a dive on a cruiser, wrecked by a recent hurricane, and follows a relatively tame colony of iguanas.

On the island of Barbuda, the programme shows a big colony of frigate birds, and while on Antigua, there's a religious procession, and exotic dishes prepared. The West Indies passion for cricket is documented, from enthusiastic games of beach cricket to Test matches.

On Dominica, a nature lovers paradise is shown with its lush rainforests and high peaks. Nature’s more destructive side is very evident, with the rusting hulks of ship after ship stretching as far as one can see along the beaches; reminders of two recent hurricanes which battered Dominica.

And in Saint Vincent, there’s an exciting speedboat ride along its scenic coastline, with visits to the oldest botanic garden in the western world, with a breadfruit tree said to have been planted by Captain Bligh two centuries ago.

The climax to this Caribbean experience is a race in the annual yachting classic out of Antigua.