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Greg with Koala as part of his pro bono work for Humane Society International (September, 2011)

Greg Grainger is an Australian film-maker, TV presenter, producer, director, journalist, newsreader, station manager, news director, political correspondent and documentary maker. His works spans both high-definition travel and adventure documentaries, to wildlife programs. He has numerous distinctions including being a Logie Award winner for "Best News Coverage" (9 Network) and 2011 IAB Awards "Best of Show".

Greg is also CEO/Executive producer of the Sydney-based TV Production companies: GraingerTV, Corporate Video Australia and Grainger Films.

Awards & Achievements

Greg Grainger’s coverage of the George Street Sydney bombings in 1972, Australia’s first terrorism attack, won the Logie Awards for Best News Coverage (See: Logie award winners)

Greg (under Grainger TV) produced the Making Tracks campaign for DDB Sydney & Tourism Australia, which won 1st prize for Best of Show during the 2011 IAB Australia Day.

He filmed the first white water rafting expedition across Tibet (1986), capturing events such as sky burials where the dead are cut up and fed to the vultures, WHITE FURY – THE UNTAMED TIBET.

Greg and husky during filming in Hudson Bay Canada of the polar bear survival documentary: ON THIN ICE. (2007)

He has crossed the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia in the wake of Irish explorer Sir Earnest Shackleton, featured in the documentary THE ISLAND AT THE END OF THE WORLD.

Greg's all-Aussie Travel program Travel Oz, has resulted in him being appointed one of Tourism Australia’s cultural ambassadors, as part of the FRIENDS OF AUSTRALIA program.

Greg is an annual Australia Day ambassador.

Network & Radio Work

Greg has worked for Australian and International news & documentary networks which include National Geographic (USA) & Discovery Channel, Australia network (Asia/Pacific), Travel Channel (Europe/USA), and the Seven Network (for the Travel Oz series- Australia’s TV travel program and Grainger’s World).

Greg's experience in radio and TV journalism include deputy news director Capital Radio London, News Director Radio 2UE Sydney, "General Manager Radio 2KA Blue Mountains, Radio 2GB, Radio 2UW"(Source: Zoom Info).

Film Works

Greg has produced a catalogue of adventure, travel and wildlife programs, from the "Antarctic to the Arctic", from the High Himalayas to the Dead Sea. His 1991 encounter with Princess Diana featured in the 2 part series THE CHARM OF BRITAIN.

His time with cannibals in Irian Jaya featured in the documentary CANNIBAL CRUSADE. (Source: National Library of Australia)

National Geographic commissioned Greg to produce a documentary ON THIN ICE on the plight of polar bears as a result of global warming, resulting in a series of expeditions to Hudson Bay and Svalbard.

Greg surrounded by members of the Dani Tribe in the Baliem Valley of West Papua (1993)

For the past 5 years, he has produced and presented 96 episodes of the all-Australian travel program, TRAVEL OZ, with adventures from the Tiwi and Torres Straight Islands, to crossing the flooded Simpson Desert and discovering ship wrecks on the Middleton Reef. (ABC1 2008-2013, Seven Network 2014-2015)

The program titled Grainger’s World also screens 3 times a week on the TVS.


GraingerTV is a Sydney based production company, specialising in television documentaries and programs.

Corporate Video Australia specialises in creating outstanding corporate videos. His is a team of dynamic, innovative and creative professionals who thrive on video creation.

GraingerFilms specialises in high-end productions for clients such as Audi, Chanel and Tourism Australia.

Personal life

Greg and wife Patty live with their two sons Nicholas (9) and Jacques (18-months) bordering the Lane Cove National Park in Sydney’s north.

Greg’s eldest two sons Jefferson and Chris are partners in his production companies, GraingerTV, CVA and GraingerFilms.

Greg is a keen yachtsman, bushwalker, and lover of music festivals.

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